Dr. Francine M. Roberts Psy.D.

Confidential Clinical Counseling for Adults and Couples

Services Offered

  • Brief Focused Therapy: 3-5 sessions focused on a specific issue
  • Dynamic Psychotherapy: ongoing meetings to address life's challenges and transitions
  • Couples Therapy: resolving relationship issues and improving communication
  • Cognitive Behavioral Therapy: changing patterns of thinking and feeling
  • Substance Use Disorder Treatment: ongoing support of sobriety
  • Hypnosis, guided imagery and mindfulness training
  • Referral for adjunct therapy such as medication, acupuncture, physical self-care
  • Inservice for First Responder Departments: topics including de-escalation, implicit bias, resilience, mental health response in citizens and department members
  • Critical Incident Stress Management: in conjunction with peer support and Alpha Team